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Nondualism vs waitress

I don’t go out of my way to talk to people about non duality. It is however, just about the only topic I do talk about, and what I spend my days doing. So naturally it comes up in conversation with just about everybody. In my attempt to not sound like I’m selling Amway or recruiting people into a cult I play it down some. This is normally fairly easy at first, as most people who have not been exposed to the idea look at me like a cat trying to figure out a farting frog.

I do love the shallow conversations tho, what follows is a conversation I had tonight with my waitress as I sat in her section rewriting a chapter on my book.

Her “What you writing”

Me “I’m writing a book”

Her “Cool, what is it”

Me, “Its about non duality”

Her, “What’s that”

Me, “it means not two”

Her,… (looking confused).. “Not two, so like one or three”

Me, “Nope just not two”

Her, “So if its not two what is it”

Me, “Yes”

Her,…. (thinking I’m a farting frog)… “hmm ok so you need some more tea”

Me, …. (having fun at this point)… “There is nobody here that needs anything, I will however take a tea to go”

Her, … (now concerned I’ve skipped my meds)… “Ok, and I’ll just get your check”

Me,… (smiling too the point of probably looking creepy)…. “Just one check, not two please”

The moral of the story…. if you creep out a waitress too much then the manager will bring you the check and stand there till you leave….