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Lost in thought (Q&A)

Question Sometimes the thoughts just get to overwhelming and there is no way to not get away from it. What do you then?

Our whole life we are taught that we are the thoughts. If you look into the eyes of a child before they are taught their name, things and function what you see is the light of pure self. We then start to pile baggage on the child that is his/her story, this story becomes their suffering. Know that you are that witch you always where, before labels and thought.

There is nothing wrong with getting lost in thought. In liberation we see that good and bad are not terms that are real, or useful. When you come back to who you really are you will see that you have never changed.

You where not those things, rest here where you never left, allow the thoughts to come and go and just rest from having been identified with them. As you go thought this process of the pathless path those times will be further apart and your mind will start to silence.

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How bad do you want it (Q&A)

As time permits I will attempt to answer any question sent to me, either in private or via blog response. Questions can be sent to me via blog comment, email or facebook messenger. For private group or multiple questions please contact me directly via email to set up a time.

Question: Does someone really have to need or want to learn this in order for it to truly work and be helpful otherwise it is just wasting time.. right?

In this life you will find that people are either travelers or seekers. Every single one of us is a traveler, and seekers are travelers who have experienced enough suffering to search for their liberation.

Travelers will stop by your house for dinner, ask a few questions sitting by the fire. Perhaps they will stop by and chat from time to time, but they are busy and life is busy. At times when life has moments of intense suffering they will pop in and stay the night, recharge their batteries in conversation but leave the next morning.

Seekers will stop at nothing to find the end of their suffering. They will camp on your door step, hide in your flower beds, they will jump out from behind trees with questions. They set up war rooms in your house with detailed whiteboard graphs trying to figure out how to reach the gates of liberation. They burn inside for release of suffering, and they will stop at nothing till they get it.

Every traveler will reach the gates of liberation and be burned before they die. Travelers will reach it in the moments before death when the illusions of them has no where to hide. At that point they will see truth, and find their liberation as the illusion of time, and them fades.

Seekers if they have suffered enough, if they are not afraid of the gates, and fearlessly face the answers no matter what they are, will get to die before they die. For them the illusion will disappear and only what they have always been will remain. This can happen for a seeker in the first line they read in a book, or sitting at the feet of a teacher after twenty years of intense study. It can also can happen like the erosion on a beach, each idea washes a small part of the illusion away. It can happen like a bolt of lighting when sitting on the toilet. There is no formula for it, no rules to follow, only when the illusion fades will they be free.

“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Matt 7:7

Non duality never helped anyone

There is a strange tipping point in the non dualistic path that is obvious when its crossed. Its when the ideas of non duality goes from being a benefit to the person to destroying them.

One of the strangest question I can be asked is “did this help you?”.

No, lol, It didn’t help me, matter of fact it caused chaos and destroyed my life.

There was a point where the exposure to the truth actually helped me, where it showed me how to view my feelings instead of identifying with them. I found this to be extremely helpful. It made me get my anxiety under control, and better deal with day to day life. It didn’t fix my problems, it made my problems better. In essence it made me a better problem.

If I had stopped there everything would have been fine, its when I pushed to understand it more. At some point during the process I seen what was coming, and the pointing to the truth finally sunk in. At that point I went absolutely insane. .

The realization that non duality is pointing directly to my own oblivion went from a philosophical idea to a very real threat. This is the key point that is missed, and my warning to others, if you follow the path to its conclusion it will destroy you.

That isn’t a esoteric idea, its not a philosophical one, the results of the non dualistic path is your complete destruction. The gates of enlightenment are not sunshine and kittens they are the death of who you are, they rip apart your life and strip away everything that isn’t real. It is not what you want, and it is not what you are looking for.

You wont find love and fulfillment, you wont find enlightenment and eternal happiness at the gates, you will watch yourself be shredded and caste into the fires to burn.

Yet i could not look away, I was being drawn to my destruction faster and faster. This is the fate of anyone who sees the truth. Be very carful how closely you look at truth, to keep yourself safe, only look out of the corner of your eye. Once the first needle of truth makes it in, your fate is sealed, its an unstoppable process.

So my advice is very simple, unless you are suffering to the point that you must find peace no matter what the cost…. turn away. Go meditate and find your center, go play with crystals, go find your energy or play with the secret because what is waiting for you at the gates is death.

Its not being dramatic, and its not reverse psychology. Once these gates are passed through there is no more searching and no more questions.

Those who have seen the gates but not passed through them become amazing teachers. They could see what happens on the other side, and stopped. So they gather people around them and teach them hope, and peace because its comforting. For the individual this is the best outcome.

To make your life better, stop when you see the fragrance that truth gives off, but dont look directly at it. The truth is like the sun, the benefits of it are amazing. To stare directly at it is blinding, and to touch it is death.

The truth is not comforting, its earth shattering.

The truth is this is nothing you want, but it is true. Enlightenment is not a peaceful process, its a very violent process that you can never obtain. Enlightenment is not for you, because you will not survive it. So choose carefully, here on the other side of the gates there is no suffering, because in the flames of truth you will burn.