Prison of the Mind


Nonduality points to a single truth, a truth that can never be the pointing itself. The human mind is trapped in this paradox in a prison of its own creation. Lost in illusion and false suffering.

This prison cannot be unlocked by the individual. These chains cannot be broken by anything they try and do. Freedom is not had in the doing but in the surrender to the the cell itself. In liberation nobody is set free, and in enlightment nobody is saved.

This is not for you, this cannot help you. There is no peace for you here and you will not find happiness. This is nothing you want.

The truth is shockingly simple.

It burns away what never was.

If you value your life, or you loved ones. If you desire freedom and knowledge. Know that the truth does not offer any of these things for you. Your a dream inside the madness, a illuison that never happend.

Turth is the end of all things, the destroyer of worlds