My life, aka The story of Two Chairs

I realized that my life revolves almost completely around two chairs.

During my life those two chairs have changed. I get a new job and my chair changed or its location changed but I’m still in a chair. I go home, and my chair is there, sure it moves when we change around the room or when I buy a new chair but its always a chair.

From one chair in the past I made my money, from the other chair I lived my life. Granted my life might have been Video games and books, but I spent most of my day in one chair doing those things. When I was not in that chair I was in another chair trying to get to back to that chair.

Perhaps this comes from being raised by “chair people”, my father has a chair as does my mother. My grandparents had chairs. Everyone I know has a chair.

Is it just me or is the world filled with “chair people”???

I love to hike, but I’m always happy to get back to my chair. I love to travel, but I normally find a temporary chair in my hotel rooms. I even have a chair in my car when I travel, and if I travel with people….. woe to the person who sits in my chair!!

My goal is to get to one chair, and maybe a bed…. unless my chair is really comfortable then just the chair. I want to live and work from the same chair. This is my one chair dream….. as insane as that might sounds.

Them-“Jerry what’s your goal in life?”

Me- “To only need one chair”

Brother and sisters of the chair speak up, tell me your chair stories!!!!! Share this with other chair people you love, we must unite!!! Stand up with me (Or sit), and let the world know that we chair people have a voice…. and we just wont stand for anything anymore….

P.S. Yes I’m ashamed of that last line. I also might have set a record for the most times “chair” was used in a blog post….


2 thoughts on “My life, aka The story of Two Chairs”

  1. Namaste Jerry 🙂

    Happy New Year, belated though it might be, I hope it is a successful one for you and your endeavours with the virtual pen reach fruition. Good luck getting the book published.

    Your post intrigued me, the subject matter abstract yet pertinent, poignant, relevant to a writer. Chairs are ‘home base’ on the playing field of life and not just an inanimate object with form and function: they live in our space as we live in their, there is a relationship.

    And so I agree with your sentiments: a writer’s chair is the soul of his office, the holder that contains his physical being whilst he sips from the cup of thought. Its companionship and familiarity with us is unique, sat within her embrace we’ve travelled dimensions of space and time: voyaged across hundreds of thousands of miles in uncharted space during thousands and thousands of hours. Where we go she comes to as chaperone, lover, mistress, wife, friend and perhaps on occasion foe as well…there are days when her comfort is questionable. Her multiplicity, the many facets of her is endless, her moods ever changing in response to our moods, but yet, at her core she remains stoic, solid, unwavering. Our chair moulds around us as we mould ourselves within her…it is a symbiotic relationship of dependence and support.

    Somewhere out there is a chair for you
    The perfect chair: not just one that’ll do,
    Or not do
    Anything other,
    Than what you need it to: just be,
    The perfect chair for you.

    Thank you for coming on by and following my blog: good to have you on board Jerry.

    Enjoy a great weekend: unleash the imaginative beast and push on with the book! 🙂

    Live in Love, Go in Peace. Namaste 🙂



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