Dont Stack Sins

Life is a tangled mess of pain with brief points of sunlight. Lived better if our sins don’t stalk us. To those ends, I have created rules that I strive to follow.

Rule: Don’t Stack Sins

Life is better if driven by routine, while this is sometimes a matter of debate, it simply is. I eat, write, read, clean and work all based on a routine. My todo list structures my day and I am better for it. Now, and here is the kicker, sometimes I don’t finish my routine or check everything off my list.

Somebody needed my help, I had too much extra stuff to do, I turned the TV on too early (the idiot box will steal your life), or I was just lazy. In my life, I have found that the easiest way to destroy something is to feel guilty about what you did or didn’t do. We then try and push those sins forward as a method to justify our actions. As an example, if my routine is to read fifty pages a day, and it doesn’t happen, my natural instinct is to push those pages forward to the next day…. 100 pages.

So on down the rabbit hole, we push sins forward and stack them with a new day. I have seen this happen with time as well if we don’t get to spend time with our family or kids we push that time forward. Sleep.. oh my goodness sleep.. everyone pushes that forward.

Stop it, do your list, spend time with your family or sleep but don’t stack sins. Nor should you feel guilty about not finishing whats todo. Life is a cumulative process of small things that happen over a long time, and guilt is a useless emotion because it lacks structure.

Live life as a broken series of days, not as one long narrative. Your life won’t be decided today, but the story of your life will be written one day at a time. Yesterday has no place today, and tomorrow will take care of tomorrow. Forgive yourself of unfished lists, words spoken, words unspoken and deeds that are done/undone. Forgive yourself each morning and start new. That list needs to be worked, and its heavy enough without the sins of the past stacked on top of it.

Packard Rules:

R1: Don’t Stack Sins


3 thoughts on “Dont Stack Sins”

  1. What a lovely reflection, Jerry. Living in the moment does seem to guard against the stacking of sins and wasting our limited days with regret or stress. I like the idea of a journey and there is something poignant in viewing it as a series of broken days, as well as beautiful moments.

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    1. Thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed the post. Beauty can be found in everything, from the most simple to the deepest sorrow if we stop to look at it fearlessly. If each moment is taken as is instead of with the weight of past we can see the reflection of ourselves in its very nature. Happy new year 🤓

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