Lost in thought (Q&A)

Question Sometimes the thoughts just get to overwhelming and there is no way to not get away from it. What do you then?

Our whole life we are taught that we are the thoughts. If you look into the eyes of a child before they are taught their name, things and function what you see is the light of pure self. We then start to pile baggage on the child that is his/her story, this story becomes their suffering. Know that you are that witch you always where, before labels and thought.

There is nothing wrong with getting lost in thought. In liberation we see that good and bad are not terms that are real, or useful. When you come back to who you really are you will see that you have never changed.

You where not those things, rest here where you never left, allow the thoughts to come and go and just rest from having been identified with them. As you go thought this process of the pathless path those times will be further apart and your mind will start to silence.

Note: As time permits I will attempt to answer any question sent to me, either in private or via blog response. Questions can be sent to me via blog comment, email or facebook messenger. For private group or multiple questions please contact me directly via email to set up a time.


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