Nonduality and Mindfulness — Two Great Traditions that Go Great Together

Practical Advaita, for some reason this is humor and I liked it. I also enjoyed message about identifying with the one how doesn’t care, a very common trap of the mind. This outlines fairly well the battle between the schools of thought.

(My two cents) Whatever works is what you should do, because in the end it is seen that nobody did anything and they went nowhere (oops i think my school is showing lol)

Deus Nexus

Source:Science & Nonduality| byMichael Taft

In the context of American spiritual practice nondual traditions and mindfulness traditions appear to be in sharp contrast. Nonduality is often associated with the “doing nothing” schools of meditation, and mindfulness meditation is often very effortful. Mindfulness meditation masters commonly refuse to even discuss enlightenment, whereas nondual teachers never stop talking about how we’re already enlightened.

At the extremes, these two traditions can become very critical of each other. Some nondualists think that mindfulness meditators are caught in the trap of working hard to get somewhere, and end up just building a meditator ego to replace their everyday ego. Some mindfulness practitioners think that nondualists are just playing a recursive word game (“Who is playing a word game?”) and narcissistically kidding themselves about how enlightened they are, while complacently denying their own foibles.

It’s a shame that these two wisdom traditions—especially in…

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