Writing For Me

I know a lot of people who write, and I’m just one of them. I’m currently working on 3 diffrent project (More on this coming soon). I have however noticed a trend. People write with the end goals in mind instead of the process itself.

Do I want to be a bestselling novel writer…. Sure. Is that my goal… no. I write because it helps me understand what I’m working through in my head. Words on paper, and the research that goes into my projects helps me to organize my thoughts better about things in my own life. This is true while writing fiction or when I’m working on my nonfiction projects.

I have been amazed how my fictional characters come up with answers to questions that I have been searching for. Here is an excerpt from a current project I’m working on. I was amazed by the answer my fictional character gave, I had no idea what I was going to write until it was written. (NOTE: This is from my 1st draft, it might be altered or changed before final publication.)

Book excerpt………“Well, gravitational force changes, and so does free will the closer you are to God. Or in other words, the strongest gravity attracts the object with the lesser gravity. Not because one gravity deminishes but because the others pull is so strong. This is how God’s will works. His will is higher then our will, so the closer we are to him it causes our will to be pulled toward his will”, Ryan said and started walking again.

This cleared a few things up for me, both answering a question asked inside of the story and answered a question I had personally. This is the very act of creation, and if this book is never published this answer made an impact on me.

If you write, do it for yourself, not for anyone else. Do it to answer your questions and find peace in creation.


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